My goal is to always capture my couple’s as natural as possible. I love capturing those nervous little giggles, sweet kisses and happy laughs that make you two the couple you are! I will gently direct my couples into flattering poses as much as necessary. A huge part of what I love to capture is candid moments. I like to walk and talk with my couples so we can feel comfortable with each other and hopefully achieve those organic moments. I always welcome my couples to share ideas with me so I can best capture you. I like to observe you two together and hopefully direct you in a way that feels natural and fun. Let’s plan your session!

Rather than matching perfectly, consider wearing similar color palettes 

Colors that photograph well are: creams, grays, neutrals, earth tones, rich fall colors, jewel tones. Pops of color can be fun if that matches your personality! 

Colors to avoid: neon, too many bright colors

Avoid all black on men. It just blends into the background and photographs too harsh. However, a LBD on a woman always looks good!

Consider colors that will compliment your surroundings. For instance - in the spring, there will likely be lots of greenery so I would avoid wearing green. You want to stand out and compliment the colors of the season!

Have an outfit change to give your photos variety - some couples like to have a casual outfit and then a dressier one. 

Be comfortable! I will have you sit, walk, move around and you want to be able to comfortably do so. Note: Shooting in a natural setting can come with a variety of challenges. For instance, if we go to a vineyard, the ground may be soft and a little saturated. Boots, flats or booties are a good option.

Avoid large busy pattern. Subtle patterns such as, polka dots, stripes, checkers and soft florals are good options.

Make sure all clothes are tailored properly and pressed neatly for the most flattering photos! I think this may be one of the most important points and yet one of the most forgotten. If a piece of clothing is not ironed/pressed, it will show in photos and it is not easy to correct.

Your engagement session isn’t always the time to test out a new style. If you are uncomfortable in your clothing, it will translate to your photos.

Engagement sessions are FUN! No really, they are! My goal is to make even the most nervous couple enjoy the photo taking process. I swear, it’s possible! I love walking and chatting with my couples, finding pretty spots and hopefully forming a friendship that will carry into your wedding day. My job as your photographer is to capture you in the most flattering, relaxed way possible. With a candid approach, I will gently direct you through your session.  

The first step to having a relaxed session is picking a location that feels like you! I am happy to explore new locations with you or suggest some of my favorite spots throughout Napa and the Bay Area. I want you to be comfortable and feel that your shoot is representative of you as a couple.

Your engagement session will last about 2 hours. This is not 2 hours of continuous shooting. We will likely be exploring different locations, changing outfits and just getting to know each other. I find that taking these mini breaks to get to a new spot are how we form a bond and at the same time, not burn you out!

Engagement Sessions are scheduled just before and during Golden Hour. This is the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. This is incredibly important to having the most beautiful, naturally lit portraits. I understand many couples will not want to get up at the crack of dawn to have their photo taken, but for those early risers, sunrise can be incredibly soft and lovely.

Sunset is probably my favorite moment of the day. That hour or two before the sun goes down is pretty spectacular! Keep in mind: In the winter months, engagement sessions will take place between 3-5 pm. In the late spring, summer and early fall, sessions will be between 6-8 pm.

Always have clothing neatly pressed and tailored correctly! And if you are lusting over a stellar outfit for your session, Rent the Runway is a great resource to rent a rockin’ outfit you wouldn’t normally purchase.

Clear your pockets of keys, cell phone and wallets! Often times, these minor details are missed by your photographer but can show up in your photos. I am pretty good at taking a look at the front pockets but don’t always catch items in the back pockets. At a recent engagement shoot, I saw a groom’s cell phone in his front pocket and asked if I could hold it in my camera bag. Success! I caught it before the shoot started! What I missed was his wallet in his back pocket. Darn! Ladies, as much as you probably love your fiancé’s backside, I am not looking at it during your shoot and will often miss if something is in your man’s back pocket.

Schedule your hair and makeup trial for the day of your engagement session. You are likely going be doing a beauty trial anyways, so why not take advantage of getting all dolled up? Make a dinner reservation for after your session. You are going to want to unwind and your fiancé will have likely earned himself a drink!


If you have a specific location you would like to go for your engagement photos, great! I love exploring areas that mean something to you. If this location requires permission to photograph, I will ask that my couple secure permission for us to photograph on site. If you have a location that I am unfamiliar with, I will be trusting your choice and know that it will be beautiful!