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When did you decide you wanted to be a wedding photographer?

I fell in love with photography when I was about 13 and received my first film camera. I loved shooting people from the start and always had an interest in wedding photography. Through my later teen years, I never thought I would actually get to do this as my career. I kept photography as a hobby. When choosing majors in college, I chose photography. It took a little convincing to my parents that I could really make this a career, but they supported my decisions whole-heartedly. During my photographic education, I explored other types of photography and spent a semester thinking I wanted to be a photojournalist. But my heart was always with wedding photography and capturing happy people. At the end of college, I made the decision to start my portrait business and life continued on from there! I am about to start my 6th wedding season and am loving the amazing clients and connections I have made.


What do you love about shooting weddings?

Pretty much everything! But to really break it down, I love seeing a couple together, embracing one another and enjoying the excitement of their special day! Without a doubt, my favorite moment at a wedding is when the couple gets to see each other for the first time. Whether it is a First Look or the moment the bride begins her walk down the aisle, I live for those moments. I also love the little details that make your wedding day all about you; the flowers, favors, table décor, special family mementos – I love them all!


What is a First Look and should we do one?

A First Look is when you and your groom see each other in a private moment before the ceremony. And we capture it! It can be a very special, intimate moment away from everyone. A First Look allows us to get the majority of formal portraits done before the ceremony thus allowing more time with your guests afterwards. It is not the right fit for everyone so please ask for details on how a First Look can be incorporated into your day.


What is the best time of the day for photos?

 Sunrise or sunset! This is called the Golden Hour and is almost always the most beautiful, soft light of the day.


How many weddings do you do a year?

I take an average of 20 weddings a year. It is important for me to give my full attention and creative skill to each client. By accepting a limited number of weddings a year, I am able to achieve this.


Do you work with a second photographer?

 Yes! All full wedding packages include a second photographer. Most of the time it is my husband! If he is unavailable, I have a local network of talented photographers I can call on.


Do you offer the digital files?

Yes! Each package comes with the edited digital files on a USB drive.


How long will it take to get our wedding images?

 Turnaround time for your images to appear online is, on average, about 3 weeks. You will receive your USB drive of images within 5 weeks. I always post a few teasers on social media within the first week to get you excited!


What kind of rights do we get to our wedding photos?

 You will receive personal (non-commercial) rights to your wedding images. This means you can print, share with family and friends and post on social media. I ask that credit be given to Caitlin O’Reilly Photography on any image posted online. You may not sell or give images to a commercial entity or third party for advertising or promotion or any other use without the written consent of Caitlin O’Reilly Photography. I retain the copyright to all wedding images. Please inquire if you have any questions.


 Where should we print our images?

 First of all, I suggest that all clients print their images! Your photos have been carefully created and edited and should be printed to enhance their beauty! In the digital age where photos are primarily viewed online, we feel it is important to preserve the integrity of your wedding images by printing them at a reputable photo lab. You may order prints through me or print on your own. If you decide to print on your own, I recommend an online photo lab called Mpix. I have tested my prints with this company and the color quality is pretty spot on. If you choose to print at one hour photo labs, your prints may have color inconsistencies and quality issues. We recommend avoiding those options!


Can our wedding be submitted to a wedding blog?

 Yes, there is the option for each wedding to be submitted to a wedding blog. I like to handle the submission process so I can carefully select the proper images to submit and choose the right publication. If you have a preference of which blog, please share with me! Please note: wedding blogs can be very competitive and are looking for specific and unique details. I will absolutely try to find the perfect fit for your wedding but publication is not guaranteed.  


Fine Print:

To secure Caitlin O’Reilly Photography for your wedding, a signed contract and 50% non-refundable booking fee is required. Dates are first come first serve.
Caitlin O’Reilly Photography retains copyright to all images and reserves the right to use images in marketing and promotional materials unless otherwise noted in your agreement with Caitlin O’Reilly.




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